Remembering The Harveys…

………..please go visit these websites:

The Harvey Family

Interview With Kathryn

On New Year’s Day, 2006, Kathryn and Bryan Harvey and their two daughters Stella and Ruby were found murdered in their basement, bound, with their throats cut.

The Harveys were my friends. Way back when I needed a second job badly, Kathryn hired me. Twelve years ago when I was beyond poor, I worked in her store for credit, which helped me furnish my then-bare apartment. It was the best job I ever had, and she was the greatest, most creative, kindest boss I’ve ever known.

Soon, they both became friends. Bryan and I used to tease each other about having the same birthday, “Are ya gonna have another one this year? Yeah, I guess so….” And now he’s gone.

Truly, I have never known a sweeter couple. Whenever I went home I would always stop in to her store and say hello. She gave hugs freely and her smile and laugh were contagious. Bryan helped move my new couch after I literally bought it out from under him. I sit here and half my house is furnished by World of Mirth or I have collections of the quirky items she sold. All the memories have flooded me and I am beyond grief.

Since I learned of their death I just can’t seem to get my head around it. This is harder than losing my mother, because I always thought they’d be there. I always knew that those sweet girls would be behind the counter when I went to visit. I’d watch them grow, and later when I had kids I’d shop there even more. I guess I just always thought I’d be part of their world somehow, because it was the world I grew up in too.

I just want everyone to know and learn what great people they were. The world is truly a little bit less silly, a little bit less creative, and seems ugly now that they’re gone. They touched everyone they met – it sounds so hokey, but dammit with the Harveys it’s true.

If it’s true that you create the heaven you go to by the way you live your life on earth, then the Harvey’s heaven is full of love, laughter, art, music, and great chili.

I wish for all the family and friends of the Harveys only peace and love. Remember them with smiles and laughter, because that is what they would want. I know in my heart that they are looking down and beaming because of all the love and memories that have been shared recently.

I can see them clearly, sitting on their porch, enjoying the sunshine and those two precious girls are holding hands in the yard and dancing.

Hug and kiss your spouses and children my friends.
We are so blessed. Sending warm, warm light your way this evening.

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