Thank You Laura, Thank You Jackson…

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So I get home yesterday to a pile of mail, mostly bills. I open something that I think is junk mail, only to find that it’s a thank you letter and handwritten note from “The Community Foundation” who started a memorial endowment for the Harvey Family. The hubby and I had sent some money a while ago, along with a condolence note, and our prayers. What I got in response was so unexpected, caught me so off guard, that I started to weep and had to sit down. Laura Loe has created a beautiful painting depicting the family (above) and a postcard of this painting was included with the letter. The note attached was so heartfelt and personal, that along with the painting is what really got me. It captures their spirit, the essence of who they are so completely.

That same night I by chance heard the song “For a Dancer” by Jackson Browne for the first time, and I pictured the girls dancing, Kathryn dancing, Bryan strumming his guitar. I think it was really the first time since this whole thing happened that I felt that warm flame of LIFE for them in my heart. It’s weird how the world seems to send you signs sometimes. Today’s signs said to me, “Everything is okay.” I love, love, love when that happens.

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