Charlotte Update

I am overwhelmed. In 24 hours I have received 30+ responses, prayers, cards, well wishes, funny stories, and warm thoughts. I am so grateful, so overwhelmed to have such true friends. Thank you thank you thank you. Each of you will receive an email response as fast as my little hands can type them. :0)

An update:

All of this occurred Saturday night after we found her limping badly, we took her in Sunday – we picked her up Monday afternoon, her eyes so large and scared and a big scary bandage on her forearm where they had put in the IV. But here’s the thing……..her prognosis is GOOD. You can’t tell me that prayers don’t work, they do.

What they thought was a tumor is, MAYBE, just a cyst. They drained it and sent the fluid for analysis. But they really think it may just be a benign cyst, not lymphoma or thymoma, and this can be managed by checking it every so often.

She has some renal failure, but not bad. This can also be managed for the time being with medication and monitoring.

Her weight loss may be due to hyperthyroidism, which can also be medically managed. We’re also waiting on that test to determine this.

She’s also got high blood pressure and a slight heart murmur, which is also mild and can be medically managed.

Not bad for a 17 year old, huh? Just a few pills twice a day crushed up in her favorite soft food. I can’t believe how relieved I feel – my biggest worry was that she would be in pain, and be uncomfortable, and I wasn’t under any circumstance going to do anything invasive. I’ve been so lucky to have her for so long. Now it looks like at least she can be more comfortable, without a lot of unneccessary procedures, for a little while longer at least.

I just want her to have a good quality of life and from all the dear, sweet responses I got, all of you agree with me. God bless all of you so much. I haven’t felt such love in a long time, and I know it helped Charlotte recover that much quicker. She’s hobbling about today, unsure of whether we’re going to whisk her off to another place strange, but she’s slowly getting back to normal. Thank God.

Big Love everyone (Scottie, you hear me? 🙂
Nee Nee

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