Gratitude Journal 9/11/07

Originally published elsewhere on the date indicated

Today, I’m grateful:

1. that Lois wasn’t too keyed up when I ran home this morning – there was a thunderstorm, and she needed my love and some valium.

2. for hot coffee with vanilla soymilk.

3. that even though, for some reason, my co-workers think I’m an emotional dumping ground (they vent to me about *everything* way too much) I am able to smile, breathe through it, offer advice, and keep breathing when they choose to ignore the advice. They’re young, they’ll learn.

4. that I have yoga class tonight – I need it.

5. that it’s only 7 more weeks until things start to slow down somewhat here.

6. that the weather is cooler and not as humid today.

7. that although I am PMS-ing like a madwoman, I am aware of it. By staying aware, I can breathe through it, and realize that this too shall pass.

8. that during meditation last night, I was able to listen to the sound of the crickets, and my neighbor Joan, singing “Someone To Watch Over Me.” It was beautiful and surreal. She has a gorgeous voice.

9. for Lois’s smile and her kisses, which wake me up every morning.

10. for my new-found peace. It’s not large, nor is it lasting, but it’s present, and something I can grow with time.

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