My Life List.

Originally published elsewhere, September 2, 2007 with a few new additions…

Before I leave this life, this is my list of things to do/things to be:

1. write a book
2. live in a beach house
3. live in a villa in Tuscany
4. climb a mountain
5. camp overnight in the Rockies
6. go to a yoga retreat in Bali
7. be able to do a backbend in yoga class – unsupported
8. eat yokatori in Tokyo
9. eat sushi in that exclusive place in New York where it’s $350 per person (Tony Bourdain’s favorite place)
10. stay at The Plaza
11. admire the Hironymous Bosch paintings at the Prado in Madrid
12. learn to surf
13. skydive
14. hang glide
15. buy a motorcycle and ride it regularly
16. ride my motorcycle cross country
17. get at least 2 more tattoos because the best things come in threes
18. own a porch swing
19. eat barbecued pig in Ubud, Bali
20. see Ankor Wat
21. see Macchu Piccu
22. go to Tibet and see a Buddhist monastery and observe a religious ceremony
23. learn to make jewelry
24. somehow, get all the YaYas together for one night of debauchery at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas
25. eat pho in Vietnam
26. eat street vendor food in Singapore
27. own a supremely expensive and fabulous Swiss watch that I bought and paid for
28. go to Alaska and see the Northern lights
29. hike the Appalachian Trail
30. live in a farmhouse with a cerise roof on at least 5-10 acres
31. own a fabulous overnight bag that I purchased myself
32. attract people who aren’t needy or desperate, but independent, intelligent, adventurous, and loyal
33. cultivate a strong spirit and confident sense of self
34. age gracefully, without surgery
35. be at peace with who I am and with everything that comes my way
36. be free of fear
37. be a firm size 8 and not always fighting to lose weight but at peace with the amount of exercise I get
38. learn to ride a horse well, and do so often
39. see the Alps
40. eat oysters in Brittany
41. return to Paris
42. travel to Hawaii
43. finally live debt free
44. have a real, working garden
45. continue to be a true friend to my husband
46. find a job that I truly care about
47. see Greg Brown in concert
48. run in a 4-mile race (eventually working up to a 13K)
49. meditate every day, it’s so difficult, yet brings me such peace
50. spend a month in an Ashram
51-1,000 (to be added, as needed!) :0)

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