The Best Part of My Day (10/1/07)

Originally published elsewhere on the date indicated

My favorite part of the day yesterday was my run in the park at daybreak. It was just chilly enough to make you want to move, and pitch dark. But as I power walked, the sun came up, peeking through the trees, the fog of my breath floated above my head and the music in my ears (house music from the 90’s of course! Debra Cox gets me going like no one else) kept me sustained. I’ve recently started running – not a long way, just 100 steps at a time. That’s usually when I get winded and have to slow back to a walk, panting and gasping. I usually try to run at least 100 steps about 4 or 5 times during my walk of three miles. But I found yesterday, on my fifth attempt, that I was able to run a little farther. And that was the best part of my day – actually feeling myself get just a little bit stronger.

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