The Best Part of My Day (10/2/07)

Originally published elsewhere on the date indicated

My favorite part of the day yesterday was my drive home from yoga. Right after yoga I always feel my calmest of the week. If a freight train surprised me by driving in front of the car I would just sigh and step on the brake. Nothing fazes me. I float home in my Matrix through the streets of Lawrenceville. City shops are shut for the night, people are walking, old men sit on benches. It’s a warm October night, I’ve got Michelle Shocked’s “That’s So Amazing” blaring out of the speakers and all is well with the world.

I love this song. The lyrics perfectly describe what I feel right now in this life. Not only that, it reminds me of why I’m here. Not for anything big, any major earth-shattering purpose, but to just find moments of peace and silent contentment.

That’s So Amazing – by Michelle Shocked
The moon is in a phase and I guess that I am too
Maybe one of these days all that I will do
Is wait and watch for the sun to make a revolution
And be blinded by the vision of that divine solution
To lift my eyes and say now that was truly amazing

That’s so amazing

But the moon tonight is new and I guess I am too
And I can’t see the light when it lies under a horizon
But if I’ll lift my eyes I’ll see a million distant suns
Guiding my way toward dawn when the sun will rise
And shine on everyone

That’s so amazing!

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