The Best Part of My Day (10/12 and 10/13/07)

Originally published elsewhere on the dates indicated

Friday, October 12
Despite being in a VERY irritated, bitchy mood (fucking period) I was able to sneak out and lunch and spend it reading a magazine at Borders. Then over to Trader Joe’s to buy period food – pretzel thins, taquitos (two kinds, mexican beef and chicken curry) and fried green beans of all things. Which were so amazingly good I ate the whole thing and immediately my stomach regretted it. But that little mid-day escape was the first I’ve had in MONTHS. If I’m not working out at lunch I’m tending to Lois. So finally I had one whole hour to myself. It was awesome.

Saturday, October 13
Period hits full force – the worst I’ve had in a year. Cramps so bad I’m doubled over but still manage to haul my ass out for a pedicure (can’t miss the chance to pretty up the toesies). The best part of my day was spent drinking an ENTIRE BOTTLE of white wine (“Mother likes her white wine, she’d have a glass or three….” <—–Loudon Wainwright song) hoping that each glass would bring relief from crampy cramps. The drunker I got, the more I howled at the movie I was watching, "Passionfish" by John Sayles. It's one of my favorites, and reminds me so much of the YaYa movie that I may just have to buy it for all my girlfriends this Christmas. And ironically, it's about a woman trying to kick her white wine habit. She's drying out while I'm liquoring up. Favorite line from the movie? "I never asked for the anal probe." :0)

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