A Dog’s Life.

…a must for any dog lover, Charlie Chaplin’s “A Dog’s Life”. It figures prominently in Glen David Gold’s book, Sunnyside, and besides, it’s just a damn adorable little movie. Why was Rin Tin Tin a major movie star and not Scraps? What a sweeter! I just want to rub his ears in both hands while saying, “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? WHO’S a good boy? (except that Scraps is a girl, lol!) And yes, I’m still on my Chaplin kick. Which should subside in a few weeks, and then it’ll be an obsession about something else – that’s just how I roll…


4 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life.

  1. Maybe they have a soft spot for dogs. Or Chaplin. :0)

    All I did was insert the “embed” code in the “edit html” section…

  2. OMG, you are so sweet! I've been swamped by activity at my other blog http://ediblecville.blogspot.com and so haven't been able to reflect in a while 🙂 but I'll be back next week, promise.

    You are the coolest to think of me, thank you. Feeling a little stressed, a little overwhelmed, but still trying to live in gratefullness…namaste :0)

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