Gratitude 9/11/12

Today I am grateful the blanket of summer has been lifted….the air has come rushing in and the day is so bright and sunny the very air is edgy with relief and joy….it feels like a little girl squealing with delight on a carousel and sounds like a whisper of silence and crickets. I am grateful my girl Lois remains asymptomatic and a reflection of the joyful weather, her bedtime bodyslams are forceful and committed, utter bliss and ecstatic doggie laughter behind every one. I’m grateful for hot coffee milky and warm smiling to itself and saying, “Remember me?”. I’m grateful for the need to somehow capture this gratitude in words. Every moment is fleeting and yes, one day far in the future perhaps I’ll read this again and remember, but I know the memory will be soft-edged and fuzzy like the inside of a sweatshirt. It won’t have the clarity, the committment, the prismatic light that this very moment has. I have to breathe it in and let it go, breathe it in, and let it go. And I am grateful for the courage to do that. Lastly I’m grateful to have traveled here today to find 2 quotes from strangers, wonderful, uplifting quotes that made me feel buoyant, lifted, full of light. Much like the weather. Namaste.

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