Gratitude 9/12/12

Today I am grateful for the late summer sun warming my face as I take my girl out for her afternoon constitutional. The crickets sigh their end of summer song longingly, drawing out their notes in hopes to make it last. The air is still and quiet, holding its breath, waiting for that moment that change in the air when you wake up and notice the leaves have started to turn.

I’m grateful for words and the trickle of them that have started to drip through my fingers after so long a drought.

I’m grateful for photographs and the very few I take where I can say to myself, “Yes, that’s it. In that photo my eyes were open and I really captured what I saw. I was able to look beyond the immediate to something more.”

I’m grateful for the people who care about me in this world, who check in, ask how I’m doing, and really make an effort. Because it can be a big, ugly world at times and friends very often are more family to me than family. I’m grateful for their love, and for their complete and utter acceptance of the flake I can be. It makes me feel like I can handle anything.

I’m grateful for wonderful morning dreams, the kind that take you outside yourself to a better, dreamier place. Would be so easy for me to cling to such dreams in times of trouble but I must remember like everything they are only air, just a mist that drifts away.

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