Grateful 5/5/13.

Today I’m grateful that:

I sat and composed a list in Spotify of my Top 100 songs. My essentials. The shit that gets me uplifted when I’m sagging. The ones I sing loudly to in the car, car dancing the entire way. The ones I lean on in troubling times. Like right now. These are the songs that make up who I am. At this moment in my life at least. Subject to change at any moment of course…
My lilacs finally bloomed after 3 years of waiting. The smell, light, airy, sweet, like Springtime flower petals dropping onto flagstones dappled in sunlight. Or something like that 😉
An afternoon nap on the couch with the window open. My first of the year.
Sweeping the deck and listening to Taj Mahal’s 21st Century Gypsy Singing Lovin’ Man and getting a clear image of my mother dancing. She loved the blues. She loved Taj Mahal. And my grandmother’s loved gardening. In one moment it felt like 3 generations of women were living through me. It was lovely.

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